Precision Training Cost




Here at Xtrillions we believe in using encrypted language that only we can understand.

This is to protect our data from being widely available and shared with the enemy (the market makers), so by joining our army, you will become acquainted with our terminology such as..

Band Squeeze
Price Hug

Frog Pattern
Eagle Pattern
Blood out/in




Una donna in Giallo trades

Dragon cross & Dragon Kiss

Death kiss
Poison Cross & Poison Kiss

Accelerato Trades

Doggy trades
Ema Placements
Dash of Pink
Middle Blood

These words are used as criteria to trade. Having the Rules and following them with discipline and hard work always brings in results. The criteria helps us trade with no fear because our criteria is what keeps us trading with precision.

Coded Indicators

We use our own coded indicators that provide unique information regarding setups that are forming. These are available through the mentorship package.

Video Lessons

There are video lessons available that go into further details to break down the trades you see on our youtube channel.


We do outside work and create flashcards of past trades and match them with current events to understand the similarities. Remember history always reveals clues as to what should happen in the future.

Weekends we go through the flashcards and we always make sure we study our trades to be more prepared for the coming setups.

Live Zoom Webinars 

We host webinars every 2-3 times a month if there are perfect setups for us where we all trade live together and can see each other’s screens. This is the best part of the Mentorship challenge because we all enter trades at the same time and win together as a unit, not to say we win all the time because no trader wins all the time however, wins are much greater than the losses and that is all a trader needs to be consistent.

Mentorship Cost

To become a part of our team of X-Trillions sniper traders will cost you £350.( You get access to our recordings and indicators that help us profit from the markets)

Nothing worth having comes free. It needs sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears to reach mastery.


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See you on the inside of the market maker screen