Established On March 10 2020

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X Trillions is a team of traders that trade live together usually every trading day.

X Trillions is also a worldwide movement in the making, we have traders representing us all over the globe.

We have a hierarchy whereby we have established traders, graduated traders and new traders. 

Our number 1 goal is to not fall into the 90% of losing traders bracket!  

The higher ranks lead the way for the new recruits to the point they are ready to graduate to that other 10%.

Trading is our passion over everything. Our performance speaks for itself.

We have been trading since 2012 and have seen it all, and are now eager to teach our methods to those that qualify.

We Only Accept Obsessed Hard Working Traders Who Study Nonstop To Better Themselves 

We look forward to taking those who are serious on board.


To bless the life of those that are willing to put in the hard work required to be that top 10% of winning traders.


To see X Trillionnaires worldwide living the life they worked hard for and so well deserve.